I have a few questions that i hope someone can answer...

I am currently converting VOB files to FLV, so that i can put them up on my website.

With this in mind, below are some questions that i have:

1 - Some of the VOB files have writing on them. I want to be able to take this off and in some cases add writing. Does anyone know of a program that i can do this?

2 - I am currently using a program called MovAVI to convert the VOB file to FLV, but the application is forever crashing. In addition to this, you canít start and stop the conversion at the exact point that i want to. Does anyone know of a program that you can?

3 - On some of the DVD's that i play, a thin line appears at the bottom of them. I have also check my mates DVD player to see if this issues disappears but it doesnít. The DVD's are from Australia. Any idea as to why this would happen? It sounds to me that it may be a issue with the recording. Has anyone had the same issue? Is there a program that can remove this as well?

I really donít want to pay too much for the software, so the cheaper the better.

Thanks in advanced for all the help