This is a copy of what I posted at, can anyone help?

"Hey, I'm trying to edit my .AVI files from my digital camera and when I've finished editing it, I want to export it as the original video was. I had to download Morgan M J-peg V3 program for Vegas to recognize my .AVI videos first. But whenever I export it as an Avi with identical settings to the original, and the file size still comes out like 4X as large, and the video ends up looking like total crap, with horizontal lines when theres motion.

ANY HELP? I'm using 640 X 480 .AVI and PCM audio 8 bit Stereo.

Or is there an option to export it as the same quality, because thats whats I want."

"The reason I want this is because I have a good method of submitting to youtube using a different converter, and I would like to have lossless quality from what I originally started with. Also, my 39 second clip was 1.07 GB, which should be smaller anyway since the vid has been cut."