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Thread: My Latest film (intro only)

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    This is an intro i have done for my latest film. We start filming in about 6 weeks, just sorting out the scritp at the moment. Trying to make this one as good i can. I am missing in the intro 2 shots of our heroes looking a the cam. I will shot them later.

    What do you think??

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    I really like animation thing you've got going with the 'tactical' 'arms lobby' thing. That looks really proffesional. What did you make that on? The distorted images you're using creates a good mysterious feel, and would make me want to see the rest. So I'm looking forward to this one!
    The only problem I think lies here, is the speech. Not the actual voice, or words, but I found it difficult to hear exactly what was being said, and I could only really pick up the last few words, as they were written on screen. I think this could easily be fixed by just increasing the volume on the speech.
    Apart from that, this is a good start, and I'm interested in seeing what comes of this!

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    Ya, i also couldnt understand the voice, but the intro was good, looks like its from one of the Videocopilot tutorials, and next time spell Coming right. You wrote Comming soon.

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