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    hi to everyone im a novice but im keen to learn i have just bought a new desktop for mainly the purpose ot editing my old vhs tapes some are 25 years old the advice i seek is i need to buy an analogue to digital convertor i was looking at the ads tech dvd xpress and also pinnacle have dazzle video creator platinum but i dont know if either of them would work with vista i would appreciate if anyone can let me know if they are vista compatable also i am thinking of buying software package power director 6 as the reviews it is getting isnt bad ... what do u think..... thanks

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    I believe that the Dazzle converter works on practically any machine. I know that only Pinnacle Studio 11, and Plus and Ultimate work on Vista.
    I've had Dazze for XP and that works fine, I think most of the installation goes through Pinnacle with Dazzle, so if version 11 works on Vista, I reckon Dazzle would too.

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    thanks british eye... i have bought dazzle dvc 170 and also pinnacle 11 ultimate i hope this is enough to get me started in video editing i am awaiting these items from amazon i did a little research into dazzle i think it will work on vista but i need to download fixes from pinnacle site

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    That's ok.
    I started out video editing with Pinnacle v.8, which came with Dazzle. I managed to get analogue video through that onto Pinnacle, and when I moved away from Pinnacle, to Windows Movie Maker, it worked just as well.
    Dazzle seems to work universally with these programs, so if you go for those fixes, I reckon it should work fine.

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