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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 11 - Make Movie audio breakup

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 11 - Make Movie audio breakup

    I've never found a problem with this program until now.
    It's Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate, if that helps.

    I've been working on the 'La Dolce Vita' video, and I'm now ready to do the final 'make movie' thing. So I click that, and go to save it as a .avi.

    It does that, simple. But when I play it, it drops out bits of the audio near the beginning, and then plays again about 30 seconds in, but not in sync.

    Has anyone had a problem like this? if so, how am I supposed to get this to work? I'm currently making a wmv, to see if that's any different.
    I can't see what's making the audio dissapear at the beginning. It plays straight away, but when the shot changes, the audio stops. A few shots later, it starts, then another shot it stops, the next it starts, but is a few seconds behind.


    EDIT: WMV audio does exactly the same in the same places each time, just like AVI. Why in exactly the same place? Also, with WMV, there's no visual either. It's just a green image all the way through.

    SECOND EDIT: I finally got it to work. It only worked if I made the primary sound go to mute. That's a bit odd, as I pulled the orange volume line down so it would be mute anyway, but the video was only sucessful by hitting the mute button on the far right of the screen.

    I've thought that it might have something to do with sound balancing? The fact that the sound that was originally recorded, plus the music and other added sounds gets above a certain level, and although you can hear it on Pinncle, if it gets too much, then once you've 'made movie', then the sound will just throw a wobbly, and probably not even play where it has too much sound at once.

    Has anyone else had this, and if so, am I making any sense? Is this the problem that I had?
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