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Thread: Need to remove audio high frequencies

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    Default Need to remove audio high frequencies

    I've got my video pretty much sorted, but i'm having a bit of trouble cleaning the audio up.
    I have a high pitched noise on my footage (it maybe the camera tape or some electrical interference, i'm not to sure).
    I'm have been trying the audio tools in vegas but nothing really does the job very well.
    I'm wondering if anybody knows of any good pluginf that are made for the job of cleaning up sound quality.

    I have vinyl cleaning software that works great on my old records an i'm looking for something similar in vegas.
    Any ideas please?


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    Get it right first time is the cardinal rule - this often means having an almost religous devotion to equipment checks and setting up and monitoring.

    Most problems can be educed but not eliminated in post and often the act of reducing an unwanted noise can change the quality of the sound in ways you might also object to.

    However, some things can be fixed easily withinn vegas, just depends. I had a clip where the camera picked up a clear whine at about 1khz, a notch filter fixed that perfectly.

    Traffic noise can be reduced by cutting the bass, the vocal bad can often be boosted to improve clarity.

    Clicks and things can be reduced using a limiter.

    Always considor limiting / compressing on vocals to improve clarity.

    Thats about all i know, I am no sound expert.

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