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Thread: Vote for your favourite!

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    Default Vote for your favourite!

    Well, the final entrance is now posted, so it's time to start voting!

    The Videos:

    1) Withdrawn

    2) Subconscious fear by xbackstreetgirlx

    3) I think... by purejammy

    4) Sleepless by Gwenny The Vegie

    5) My first submission by shizats

    6) Episode 2 Trailer by 98lwatso

    We didn't get many entrants, but thanks to those that did for all the hard work... in typical cheesy style, "you're all winners in my eyes".

    Click above to vote - only one vote per user

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    jammy for president!
    Frank Sinatra - \"Thats Life, Biatch\"

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    i voted for sleepless....i liked that one a lot
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    Early days (7 votes cast) and it's WIDE open.

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    I'd like to vote, but I downloaded the 2 .mov files, and although I have quicktime installed - part of Premiere 6, I think - I just get a message 'the required compressor could not be found'. Any ideas?

    Win XP, Athlon 1.8, G force 3 T, 1 60gig drive + 1 250 gig, Pinnacle Studio 9 plus mostly, Premiere 6, and Vegas 5 sometimes, Soundforge, Cool Edit.

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    Time for an update to quicktime me thinks. Download the latest version from

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    Voting closes 23 July 2004

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