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Thread: Showreel Tips or HowTo

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    Default Showreel Tips or HowTo

    The great thing about the creative arts is there are no rules...

    I intentd to make my first showreel to show off my Filming and Editing Skills soon so thought I make this thread about tips on showreels in general.

    -Are there any big 'do's and don'ts' that must be adhered to?
    -What do people like to see, and not see in showreels?

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    Less is more.
    Snappy, brave, strong, characterful, but hey what do I know???

    Here is my old one - much too long I think, and has some crappy bits too.

    Edit - just watched it again for the first time in ages - certainly entertaining if a bit weird - but thats no bad thing imho.
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    Make sure you show your "BEST" work. Also it depends on what kind of job your after, cinematography= camara work, editor=more the one shot edited togeter, VFX= finnished work with breakdowns ec.... Show your best most interesting work first most perspective emplyers fast forward though reels so its best to have it first. Make it short and sweet no more then three min max. There time is money and they won't spend much more then that. Don't add stuff thats not yours, the last thing you want is for someone to see something they know you did not do.

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    I started my career as an editor cutting showreels for Actors and Directors so i have a few poniters.

    First off - what is your showreel for? Is it to show off or get some work? If its just to show off than do what you want otherwise try the following.

    Short is ALWAYS best! Anything longer than 2/3 mins is just boring, even if you are a well known director and have loads of cool things to show. You dont have to show everything!!! The most common mistake is tio try to pacjk in as much stuff as possible. Dont. Short and snappy will get you positive attantion.

    Choose the best bits! May seem obvious but here is what i mean. Look through your material you are considering and really think about what is best. Best does not nessecarily mean what you think is best. Think about what other people will think is cool. Think what you would want to see if you were to hire a video company.

    Be BRUTAL! When cutting the reel be really brutal. If you are uming and ahing about a shot or a sequence then its probably not good eneough. Every shot should be great.

    Dont Waste Time: similar to the above statment. Dont waste precious secons on shots or sequences. You dont want to show an entire scene, you just want to give a flavour while showing you can do the job.

    Name Drop: If you have done some stuff with big name clients use those names. In my own showreel I use shots from certain corporate clients to show off who i have worked for but i have sacrificed some better footage as a result.

    you can see my own reel here:

    hope all that helps

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