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    i read that this is a good video forum... so i am here

    I having trouble with Youtube alot past few days, i tryd to search offcoursse with google, some say 320x240 or 480x360 and bitrate the higher the better ofcoursse, i saw the other forum about this to, but it was ending at HD things so thats why i did it not in there.. hope it is not a problem..

    I work with vegas as project PAL DV 720x576 which is 8 minutes long, and i render my projects now like 20 tmes and getting nuts of it in .mov .wmv .mpg in every possible guideline there was on the net for good video on youtube..

    (most) Of the time when i render a short part of that movie it looks great on you tube...

    And every time i render the whole project and put it on youtube i get this...

    I even uploaded ones the project while it was rendering to look if it was okay out of madnes ( was a short time to) and it looked good but ones again... whole project crappy on youtube:(

    Hope somebody can help me and understands it lol


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    Okay i'm guessing you're disappointed in youtube's quality? Well sorry to tell u this but it's always gonna be bad, they render your video reaaaaallllyyy low so that it streams fast. I recommend Google video on top of youtube if your looking for better quality, or putfile.

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    Yes very disappointed:(

    I understand, but other videos i see on YT looks great...
    Could it be because i use alot (only) motion effects?

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    well youtube is freaky, in order to view your video the way you want it, you would have to save it in higher bit rates. Like if you're using 3 which is high enough, 5 would be appropriate for youtube. And it's usually text and animation effects that screws up your video quality on youtube. So yes I think the motion of the light rays n such makes ur original quality to look like poo...but youtube is a great site! But not to put your passion projects on.

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    Use Total Video Converter and follow "goyomora"'s tutorial on youtube. Quality is better than I see in real life.

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    Yeah i must agree, effects ruin alot o notice, so nomore passion projects indeed...:(


    I saw his vids on youtube, great HD quality for sure
    and tested it offcourse and its a bit better indeed but like Kramsey said i tested the light rays in my clip and not same quailty as his, and there is with a problem with these settings to as every video above 5 minutes (and again motion effects) or something i saw on his Profil

    Thx anyway

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    Yes- anything with lots of motion and fast cuts, strobe effects, video noise will suffer.

    All I can suggest is send a very good render, I use wmv 1mbit max res.

    Also it helps 'a bit' to increase the contrast. Sound gets turned into mono too.

    I am quietly confident that you tube will very soon increase it's b width from the frankly lame 250 kbit or so it uses currently.

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