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Thread: Check out my trailer - subconscious fear....

  1. Default Check out my trailer - subconscious fear....

    Please check out my trailer called subconscious fear.

    Its a film about a mother, terrified by her daughters imaginary friends.
    She seeks help at a Psyquiatrist only to unravel the truth of her own life.

    I would appreciate any feedback,

    thanks for watching,


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    i cant get the link to work?
    Frank Sinatra - \"Thats Life, Biatch\"

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    Link fixed

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    AAAHHH FAKE BLOOD! or was it real......?

    that was awesome, you should be really proud of yourself.

    three questions
    A) how long did it take to shoot that?
    B) how did you get all those people to act for you?
    C) the "shreiking horror movie" sound when the whole needles thing happens, where did you find it?

    great job though, i dont every think i could get that many people to act for me.
    Frank Sinatra - \"Thats Life, Biatch\"

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    thanks a lot for your comment, it means a great deal to me and i really appreciate it.

    It wasn't real blood hehe, but it was mixture that i found which is very realistic and sticky!!

    It took about a week ( may be 5 hours) but i have no idea really.
    I shot a lot of extra footage to keep the acting real so there was a proper story.
    Their people at my college which live there so they had the time after college for an hr or so after each day. It took me a while to get them tho!

    I got the sounds off a cd of sound affects.

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    Which college to you go to!?!? There are some pretty nice looking girls there hehe sorry but you know...19 yr old males, cant help it.

    Nice work

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    haha, well iv just left but i went to the Royal masonic school in rickmansworth.
    There's a lot nicer looking girls that go there which wern't in the film!!
    Where are you studying?

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    I liked this a lot.

    However, I asked this of Gwenny so I'll ask it here, because I'm afraid I'm a stickler for principals! The answer I got then was a case of "it just does ok?" with no real explanation so I expect no less here but....

    It's not a trailer is it? It's an entire short film. Certainly not an ad. How does it qualify for the comp?

    I'm not intending to be detrimental to the movie. I thought it was great and would certainly vote for it if the comp was to 'produce a short movie' but it wasn't was it?

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    I think it's in the mould of a 1970s trailer. You know, the ones that last a few hours and give away the whole film and leaving you thinking "well, I don't need to go watch it now". Check out any 1970s Bond trailer to see what I mean. summary, it qualifies

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    I agree the trailer is a bit long long,

    but when you go to the cinemas the trailers are very long, they give away a lot of the film to make you think ' well i have to go and watch it all now just to see if its as good as the trailer makes out'

    I also think that as this is just a trailer competition and you wont see the actual short film its hard for you to judge so i wanted to give you a lot of material so you could really imagine what the film would be like and understand the trailer as my idea is quite complex and different.


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