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    My camcorder doesnt havent a mic socket so I need a way of recording the sound and putting it on my computer I got this

    Olympus - VN-2100PC

    but I dont think its any good its all hissy and not very clear so I need something to record on also I need a mic I got about £200 budject for a recorder and mic, I need the mic long distance like they use in the film a boom mic, any suggestions would be great


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    What about a mini disc recorder, don't know what they cost to buy now as I haven't used one in a few years. Is it just a mic for general sound recording or for a specific task?

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    I want a shot gun mic to improve my sound in my film i am using the inbuilt mic in the camera but I have no mic socket I allready bought a voice recording but I found out it doesnt have a good range so its really muffled and hissy and really bad quality, so I want a shotgun mic ... with some kind of good quality sound recorder I was looking at this: Olympus WS-300M Digital Voice Recorder and Music Player: Electronics & Photo: Olympus

    Do you know if this is any good? It will leave me with £143 to get the mic and cables

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    How about this mic

    RØDE Microphones > Products > NTG-1

    This recorder

    Olympus - WS-321M

    How well will this go


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