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Thread: Two Edits that need Critiquing

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    Smile Two Edits that need Critiquing

    I use Vegas5 and a JVC DV Camcorder, the skateboarding edit was filmed with my newer camcorder, but its still just a DV Camcorder.

    Thats me and a couple friends hanging out, skateboarding, playing some halo, etc.

    And thats me and friends last winter.

    The filming is alot better in the skateboarding edit in my opinion because my friend that did it has a good vision with that stuff, and in the winter you just get whoever will do it to film so the angles and stuff arent always the best, which sucks. But this winter I plan on making just one edit, instead of a DVD, and putting forth the best quality of film and editing I can conjure up.

    Critiques are really needed, id like to progress with this hobby and I need some professional level knock downs

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    There are some cool transitions in there, (zooming in then out of the light on the piste being my fave), but as you said some of the camera angles could be better.

    The only other things that bugged me a little was one skiing shot you used a mirroring filter, which I felt was unessecary, and didn't fit the context of the rest of the vid, and a few random bits of footage (Halo screen shots? and the sign on the piste was too quick to read).

    Some cool tricks in there though!

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    As far as Skate vids go, I thought it was pretty good. It had varying shots to keep the attention, but to add to what was already said I would watch the framing as well.

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    I am no professional, but here goes anyway:

    Overall not too bad, nice pacing - length of shots/general action.

    I preferred the skiing to the skating.

    The skating had lots of feet and skateboards, which is cool, but I felt not enough of the people skating. (It was a bit impersonal) I felt it would have been nice to see the dudes tipping their caps, waving to the camera, picking up/putting down their boards - I think there was one good shot of that - just the guys doing some generally goofy stuff so we're not just watching feet! There was a little of this, but I felt there could be more. The vid was a little impersonal.

    Also I felt the skateboarding was a bit jumpy. The pace of the vid was good, but I was watching feet and board do this, and feet and board do that, and then feet and board do something else. No real context as to what the feet and boards were doing. (after a second watch I felt the beginning was much better than the middle and a bit of alright stuff at the end - some cool stuff in there though - fast motion setting up the box was good, broke it up and brought some context)

    I think I liked the skiing because there were more pulled back shots where I could actually see what was going on - and a bit of the goofy stuff to break it up and personlise the vid a bit, like the guy - fast motion and slower - trudging up the slope. Nice touch! And a bit of close up foot/board work.

    The skating vid. could be improved, I feel, by giving us more of the people skating, pulling back and letting us see where they are skating and what they are doing - the overall stunt, then give us a few close ups of the foot/board work. Then give us an overall of another stunt and then some more foot/board work. Maybe introduce some of the new stunts with a one of the guys doing something a bit goofy - close up smile at the camera - close up of the board/whatever which pulls back/cuts to the long shot of him doing the stunt and then a few short cuts of the foot/board work (I would have a context of what's going on with the feet) - maybe a spill or two - assuming the guys spill.

    Maybe a stunt where the guy/s spills several times before he gets it right.

    It doesn't need to be the same for every stunt, and I am not saying that a few random feet/board shots strung together isn't good. I just thought the foot thing was too much.

    You did have a bit of the goofy stuff, but it mostly seemed seperated from the skating.

    When the car pulled up, I thought the guys were going to get harrassed for skating there, but the car just sat framing the shot for a while. What was that about? Then a random drive in the car? Didn't seem to fit. You could have tied a neat little story in to this - may have required a little forethought and would have given the vid some direction.

    Kids rock up chewing gum, twisting back their caps, pushing each other, waving/smiling at the cam, doing something funky with their boards, warming up (jumping on the boards, flipping the boards)

    Shot of the sign 'vid surveillance' - I thought that was good. (kid pointing to the sign; kids laughing at the sign; or waving to the surveillance camera)

    Kids skating, having some fun. (main skating stuff of the vid as mentioned above)

    Car pulls up and kids get yelled at; kids scram; toughest kid gets taken home by mom and dad, laughed at by other kids, kids get taken in car and escape at the traffic lights

    (Story could be two "gangs" who have a skate contest - perhaps done like a western)

    Something like that would just put a story frame around the skating theme and add a bit more fun/interest.

    I agree about the mirror shot in the skiing vid. Either do heaps of weird stuff like that, like a theme of the vid, or leave it out altogether.

    Well thats my humble opinion, not necessarily right for you, but maybe there is a least one or two gems there for you.

    Keep it up, and when you make your first movie, don't forget me or this forum in your credits!
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    wow, thanks a bunch you guys. I really needed the critiquing and you definatelly hit the spot.

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