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Thread: Sony DCR SR72 - No Sound - MacBook

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    Question Sony DCR SR72 - No Sound - MacBook


    Hope you can assist. I have a Sony DCR SR72 which I am connecting to a MacBook.

    Once connected I can see the mpg files (Type - MPEG-1 Movie) and can then copy them to my hard disk. I can play them via QuickTime Pro but there is no sound.

    I have purchased and installed the QuickTime MPEG-2 Play Back Component but still have no sound.

    I have Final Cut Pro (v5) installed but still no sound.

    Probably and naively I expected to 'Plug & Play' this camcorder into a Mac and expected to click on the file and it to play with sound?

    This is new territory for me so a newbie response would be appreciated.


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    Have any error messages appeared especially in Quicktime telling you need a particular audio codec? I'm not an expert on mpegs but it seems the files you downloaded for mpeg2 playback don't cover audio playback for mpeg1, is there no mpeg1 Play Back Component available to download?

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