Thanks for the help on the last one, is greatly appreciated. Now I have a new problem which seems to diminish the last one. I have exported a 16x9 QT file from the Avid system on which I was editing my recent project. When playing back in QT it stretched to 4x3. On importing it into a widescreen Premiere (Pro 1.5) project, Premiere reads it as 4x3 (1.067). Is there a way to return it to 16x9 without stretching it? Would importing it into a 4x3 project and interpreting do the trick?
Furthermore, I have an older 4x3 project which I wish to export in a 16x9 pillarbox. I've set the widescreen project, imported the AVI 4x3 (1.067) file and in the edit monitor it looks fine. However, when I export it (to AVI 1.422) it loses the pillarbox and remains in it's original 4x3 state. The most perplexing thing is I performed this on a QT 4x3 file and it worked without a hitch. How do I export the project in 16x9 (1.422) so that the picture remains in the pillarbox I see in the edit monitor?
Am I trying to do the most complicated thing in the planet or am I missing the most simple setting?

A rapidly-pulling-out-remaining-follicles Richard