Hello everyone i have set up virtual dub on my pc and server pc and i have the command line which is working on both pcs but, im unable to get it working over my server

i have done other stufff in asp via the command line.

so far all i can get to work when i do it over asp is for virtualdub to open in the proccess.



Dim oShellb,oShellc, BCommanda ,CCommanda

set oShellb = server.createobject("wscript.shell")
set oShellc = server.createobject("wscript.shell")

a1 = "e:\web\www_video\Video\tag\t2.vcf"

a2 = "e:\web\www_video\Video\test.avi"

a3 = "e:\web\www_video\Video\testhello898.avi"

a6 = "" 'left "

a5 = "" 'right "

BCommanda = "virtualdub.exe /s "&a1&" /p "&a6&""&a2&""&a5&" "&a6&""&a3&""&a5&" /x"
CCommanda = "virtualdub.exe /r /x"

oShellb.Run BCommanda
oShellc.Run CCommanda