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Thread: Exporting 1 'clip'

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    Default Exporting 1 'clip'


    I'd like to export only 1 clip from my timeline. I have many clips on it (is a collection of clips called a sequence??), but I;d like to export one at a time.

    I have tried to click and select a single clip before entering the File/Export menu but still everything on the timeline is exported.


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    Create another sequence and use this to export individual clips by dragging them into the new sequence from your original.

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    Default What is a sequence?

    Thanks Mark - as you can see I'm new at this!

    Is a sequence the same thing as a new project? Copying and pasting a section from the timeline from one project to a new one is the only way I have been able to figure out how to do this.

    There has to be an easier way!

    Maybe if I understood exactly what a sequence was it may help...


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    A new project is not a new sequence. Think of a project as a film and a sequence as a scene within that film.

    If you have a piece of footage within your sequence that you have cut and edited and you want a specific piece in a new sequence (or scene using my analogy) then simply create a new sequence in your current project (it should appear in your timeline) and drag and drop that piece into your new sequence.

    Dont worry. We were all new to this once. I taught myself how to do this. Its hard but satisfying.

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    There is an easier (or at least more efficient) way, I'll assume your talking about Premiere and not After Effects as Premier is the one that calls them sequences.

    If you look just above your time line (where the time indication scale thing is) you will see above the clips you created there is a darker section with a little thing at the start and the end. This is called the work area bar. If you hover your curser over this bit a little box opens with some info about the start and end time codes and duration.

    Adjust the bit at the start and the end to the positions you want to export. Then when you export your video change the export settings "range" from "entire sequence" to "work area bar".

    If you want to render just a small section of the time line it will only render what is included in the work area bar, so that can be handy too.


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    Thanks David I'll give that a go. This will probably suit my needs as creating lots of sequences is proving to be a pain in the....

    This tool is a whole world of fun...I'm making a training DVD re the use of a hand held portable scanning device used to scan freight. We allowed a week for the shoot and a week for editing. Cant wait to really get into it next week...

    Much appreciate the assitance from this forums members.

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