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Thread: Worth the upgrade to 8?

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    Default Worth the upgrade to 8?

    So, does anyone here think it is worth it to upgrade to Sony Vegas 8? It is only $149 since I already have 7...


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    I would say yes, just for the multi cam feature

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    At the moment it doesn't seem so. On the Sony Vegas forum there is very little positive feedback, mainly reports of problems and bugs.

    I'm going to wait until there's been an update that users say fixes all the bugs.


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    I would say it's still worth the upgrade at the price it is currently at, then when the fixes come out, download them.

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    Well even when 7 came out, there was alot of problems, that were quicky fixed...

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    Download the trial and compare to your 7.
    I did and I'm more than happy to stay with 7.
    Dont need multicam.
    Architect has nothing new, bar a few more templates (I dont use templates)
    I use Bluff and Swishmax for titling so the new titler isn't necessary for me.
    Smart rendering and 32 bit might be interesting but I'm prepared to wait.
    Some reports of crashing during rendering in 8.
    Is $149 a lot of money for you?

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    It is a considerable ammount... but I am also taking this into effect:

    What if I need better HD than current?
    The text editor does look more functional than the current one. See: "ProType Titler "
    $149 is beter than $249, if I need to upgrade in the future.
    If Blu-Ray is successful and the burners price comes down who knows, I may use those DVD's (although currently regular DVD's work just fine).

    Overall it seems like there isn't much more... but maybe easier workflow? I know I liked the Upgrade form 5 to 6 or from 6 to 7 a lot... whill 7 to 8 dissapoint me?

    Is there a bit difference between the 10bit and 32 bit?

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    To say: "I'm going to wait until there's been an update that users say fixes all the bugs." really, really doesn't make any sense to me? Sorry . .

    1/- The updates are always free anyway

    2/- IF the upgrade "offer" isn't running then you wont get it! And you will have missed out?

    3/- Fixing ALL the bugs? What list of bugs are you looking at, at the moment? Pray tell? I don't see bugs that are presently going to affect my current workflow. Which of these "bugs" will be hampering you? Are they bugs that were part of the V7 version? Are they strictly part of V8 - in which case what are they and how would they affect your current workflow?

    The other comment: "whill 7 to 8 dissapoint me?" I have absolutely NO idea!!

    However, for a few moments, chew over these 4 Beauties!:

    * Mixing Console in V8 NOW shows me what V7 had but in a far better User way. I am now clicking and flicking Sends and Busses all over the shop! The versatility in terms of Usage is nothing less than comprehensive=full=generous - personally I found the Audio track bussing in V7 and before clunky - V8's Mixing Console is really a stroll in the park on a long relaxed Summer afternoon in late August with a balmy breeze!

    * The ProType Titler is awesome!! - Now having this powerful and creative feature will allows us to send text along paths which can be Linear=Straight or along Curves!! Grab and Resize fonts. Timeline each KeyFrame against linear OR variable curves and have these graphically represented; hold/retain/recall these curves as user definable templates; an array of "ready-To-Go" templates to get you going AND we can add to! ALSO, we can now SHARE our PTyTi presets around the planet! Now THAT's valuable.

    * Scripting extensions - I am NOW using the Scripting Extensions/Application Extension's feature that has allowed Edward Troxel to supply all of us with free - YES FREE! Project Inspector - great for this "messy" editor! AND Edward's also FREE Auto Save tool! My guess is that there will be even more of these as time passes - You don't get to use this in any previous versions of Vegas! From what I understand, The Vegas team have opened up the program to allow certain commands available to our Scripting Gurus. From now and in the future we will benefit from this. I am, already!!! But only from V8 onwards.

    * 32-bit floating point video engine - This produces even more accuracy and can clean up colour push and banding within certain Fxs.

    I have NOT been disappointed. I have NOT found bugs that affect my current workflow.

    However I NOW making more creative video and audio decisions that I didn't think I could ever do or had available within Vegas7.

    The feedback I have been reading, is that users are going to V8 and justifying their purchase on maybe just one of the new features. For some it was the PTyTi, for others it was the Multicam ( yes, Multicam editing!).

    Download the Demo. Make a decision and move on. But IF you are making a purchase decision, then do this before the "offer" vanishes!

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    Thanks Grazie... it seems like you would ahve no seconds thoughts about 7 to 8.

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