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Thread: poor quality of imported graphics

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    Default poor quality of imported graphics


    I am importing a screen shot taken from a hand held scanning device, which I am importing into Premier Pro CS3 and am overlaying this onto the main video track (as a picture in picture).

    I have made it so that I dont have to resize the imported graphic.

    My problem is that the quality of the imported graphic is very poor in PP3, despite the fact that it looks excellent in a number of other softweare packages, including the one that was used to create it.

    Can anyone suggest why this maybe so? Note : I have attempted to capture the screen of the scanning device using other tools but get the same low quality outcome. It seems to be something that PP3 is doing as the graphic is imported that is causing the problem.

    Many thanks...

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    Are you using a low res scanning device what is the pixel dementions? I'm guessing its a low quility image

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    You may have already checked this but just in case it's worth mentioning.

    If the graphic is higher res than video it could actually be Ok and is just being displayed in a more convenient manner for your computer.

    Here's a couple of ways to check this:

    Did you try changing the preview monitor to 100% just to check that it's not just showing it rough with the display set to a lower percentage.

    Perhaps the display quality isn't set to full, right clicking on the monitor will show you a menu to check this.

    If not, maybe outputting your graphic from your image editor at 70dpi to match video would help.


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