I am very new to premiere pro cs3 having just come away from Pinnacle Ultimate which I got on very well with.

I have downloaded some stuff from linda.com which is very helpful but am having problems with multi cam & syncing.

I recently shot several bands using 3 cameras, 2 x Sony Z1s & a DV camera. The 2 sonys had time codes stamped onto the tapes & the DV didn't. I'm not however using any of the timecodes as they don't seem to match up, we synced up to start but during the night used 4 tapes each & the time codes were different.

Only one of the cameras recorded decent quality audio & I am trying to use this cameras audio as the main track.

However in premiere I just don't get the syncing, what to do to get the 3 camera tracks synced.

I am ultimately trying to get this lot synced & then using the multi cam window put together like that.

Sorry this is a bit long winded but hopefully someone has followed this & can help me oit or point me in the right direction. Thanks.