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Thread: Hello, petrolhead noob here...

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    Default Hello, petrolhead noob here...


    You'll see its pretty obvious from my videos that I'm into cars, however, I love editting videos.

    The following are my 2 best efforts.

    Any feedback, advise, critisism is all welcome.


    SUPRA JAPSHOW - Putfile

    Supra santa pod - Putfile

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    Got some good shots there, and the footage you've used is all interesting stuff!

    Only things to point out really are on the camera work. Watch out for reflections of the camera guy in the paintwork, and try to keep the camera a bit more stable if possible, although from experience this is hard to do in a moving car if you need to pan around.

    If you can, drive by the cars filming from the passenger seat, instead of walking past them to get a smoother shot.

    Overall the video's attention grabbing, there are lots of interesting angles and compossitions and the effects are done tastefully. Just could do with smoothing out the bumps.

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