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    Default Chronometer in Vegas

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to add a chronometer in a separate video track that would automatically increment as time goes (and obviously overlay over the actual footage)? I'm working with a friend who's 800 km away from me (he doesn't do video editing) and I'd like to have that feature in the files I send to him so he can point me out precisely where he would like to see modifications done based on those numbers.


    Benoit Bissonnette

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    GO > Video FX > Timecode pick which one takes your fancy,drag and drop it on what you want!



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    Which one is minutes & seconds as there's 5 different ones there. I want to use this feature to time laps from in car footage. Do you just highlight the area - left click & drag along then click the timecode you want?

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    Just do standard time withs seconds. If you want to time laps, put the time code on from the beginning of the lap and just pause it at the finish line and get the time off of that.

    I used this to figure out how fast I was going down a hill on my bike.

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    So do you do that as I described above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by biff View Post
    So do you do that as I described above?
    No, it works as Grazie described above
    In a bit more detail
    Imagine you have a clip on the timeline.
    Add an effect to the CLIP of type Sony Timecode
    Select the type of time display and the placement from the options
    That's it! The time will count up from 0 in seconds (or whatever) until the end of the clip.


    If you add the timecode to the NEXT clip, it will reset to zero, which may not be what you may want the time to continue.

    The simple solution to this is to create a SINGLE clip on a track ABOVE the clips you want to be grouped together. Fill it with a solid colour generated media. Set the colour to transparency and then add the Sony Timecode FX to that clip.

    Another method is to add the timecode FX to the track- this will count from zero and continue counting until the end of the track.(Actually by using "Set Timecode At Cursor" -an option reached by right clicking on the timeline - you can set the track to start at ANY time. You can also add timecode to the MEDIA or the MASTER bus. Play!!!!

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    So just split the track where I want it to start & stop? How do I get the lap time achieved to stay on the screen for a second or two?

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    Tim, this is hysterical!

    Biff, I answered the original question. Tim politely and what I thought, decently replied to you just how one does this. Yes? OK . ..

    You are now coming back with a variation of the ORIGINAL question.

    OK . . .

    What we are doing is applying an effect - get that? An effect. It is an effect of timecode. But unlike other FXs you can;t HOLD this effect. Others you can. Why? Well this FX actually ramps up as the video continues. OK? . . .

    So, what we have to do, for your requirements, and not those of the original poster, is to HOLD - somehow - this FX, which is a continuous FX. OK? . .

    The ONLY way I can think of doi9ng this to create a "pseudo" chronometer that:

    1/ - Starts and Stops where you want it to

    . . and . .

    2/- HOLDS the time add a giving point along the Timeline.

    . .and Tim gave you a clue.

    What I would do would be to NOT add it to the track header, you just get more and more Timecode, I would add another video track and insert an "Empty Event". I would add the TC FX to this, extend it across the video to where I would want to "HOLD" it; SOLO this TC Track, take a SNAPSHOT of the numbers, bring back the snapshot and place it where you want to HOLD, replace the ALPHA channel, extend it for the 2-3-4 secomnds you want using it as the PSEUDO HOLD and move onto the next break. NB: You can't remove "LOOP" - to make a HOLD - within the Media Properties of an EMPTY event - neither a Generated Media! Hence all the faffing around with snapshot etc etc . .

    All this is brought about 'cos the TC FX is continuous and what you are gonna have to do is create a pseudo "stop-watch" - yeah?

    Good luck!

    Last edited by Grazie; 09-25-2007 at 01:00 PM. Reason: . . eh . . more explanation . .

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    Grazie / Tim. I'll get my coat

    Perhaps I should get the hang of the basics before trying more complex effects

    Thank you both for your help, sorry for being such a dimwit!

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    Biff, start a new thread.

    Read what has been written and do experiment.

    Get back here if you need further input.

    Yeah, right, get my coat!!!!

    Best regards,


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