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    Hello there,

    I am new to this site and am after some information / guidance / help whatever you want to call it. I like to make DVD's of our holidays, local events and sometimes stuff for friends. Nothing of a professional nature but I like it to be right. I started off a few years back with Pinnacle studio 9 battled on with that, gave them the benefit of the doubt and got studio 10 plus when it came out, got fed up with that keep breaking returned it and got my money back. I then moved onto Serif studio 4 and Studio 5 when it came out. I have got some decent results with this and overall it has performed quite well, but I have been thinking about a change. Sony Vegas seems to have most peoples approval and I was thinking about that. I see on the web that various versions of it are available from about 90 up to 400. What I am after is a sort of bag of a fag packet round of their abilities and is the 400 version worth it. So, not much really,



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    Here's what the "others" were wanting me to post:

    YES!!! The Vegas Family Comparison Table!! Tarah!!!

    Sony Creative Software - Vegas Pro 8 - Vegas Family Comparison

    On a brief run thru' your requirements I'd suggest get the cheapest Vegas Studio/Plat suite with DVD options. You can ALWAYS see if there is an upgrade price on the bigger beefier Vegas Pros.

    But up to you PAL!!

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    You might be lucky and find someone with version 7 or 6 who is upgrading to version 8. They can legitimitely sell you their earlier version and transfer the licence to you. The only restriction is that you will NOT be able to upgrade the older version as it has already been upgraded.


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