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Thread: can't burn to dvd - yet another newby

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    Default can't burn to dvd - yet another newby

    Hi there,

    I have finally taken the plunge and got myself a camcorder - sony dvd106E with picture motion browser software. I got it in order to record family events, interviews etc to share with the rest of the clan. Having filmed the old family home before it was sold, I am now unable to transfer the video to dvd. Here is the gist of the problem:

    Loading software to laptop, no problem, loading film from dvd camcorder to laptop, no problem, transferring video from laptop to dvd disc - BIG problem.

    The message on the software says that there is 'no drive'. (There is, I have watched dvd's on the drive that supposedly does not exist). I don't know how to change this error as I can find no help on the software.

    I wondered if I was using the wrong size dvd disc and bought some more, still no luck (I have now tried both 12 and 8 cm discs). I'm hoping for a simple solution, all suggestions gratefully received, please help! Many thanks.

    It was supposed to be a gift for my father's 75th birthday in July, but now I am hoping to give it to him for Christmas.
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    Did you finalize the DVD before you took it out of the camcorder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikosony View Post
    Did you finalize the DVD before you took it out of the camcorder?
    Yes, I followed the booklet instructions 'format before your record, finalise after', no editing was required, just straightforward copy discs for other family members.

    The handbook did say that I needed to finalise before I could view it on a dvd player, I don't see anywhere that it says that doing this will stop me from copying it to other discs from my laptop. I am annoyed if it does, as the house now belongs to someone else, and if this is the only film copy then I have wasted time and money for nothing.

    Is it possible for me to make a copy of the dvd from the video on my laptop? If it copies to there ok, why won't it download to another disc? If I can't resolve this I bought a camcorder I couldn't really afford, that I can't use. The whole point was to film family events and make copies for absent family members, tearing my hair out here.

    If I can't make a copy, could a professional video copying service do so?
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