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Thread: Scanner Darkly thing

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    Default Scanner Darkly thing

    This is something I tried.

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    That was an insult to rotoscoping!
    Try not to compare adding a few video filters to an art form which can take many weeks/months to produce a couple of minutes.

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    That took me many weeks/months to do.


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    MOSH has a point. There's a big difference between applying some filters to a video to give it a graphic look and using film or video as a base reference to create a beautifully smooth animation.

    There's no rules though. Effect Filters can create a great look and looking for short cuts to create what can only really be achieved through rotoscoping isn't a bad thing. I'm often trying out different ideas to do this as well, I've also spoke to others who have looked into different possibilities with no success either.

    While I haven't found anything that compares, what I have found is that combining filters, blending modes and roto techniques can offer some really nice looks on video.

    I think your your video looks good. it's hard to tell how smooth the filters run from frame to frame on the compressed clip, but it looks as though it's ok. Is it pretty smooth on the full quality version?


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    The original has as smoother look and a higher resolution, but this is actually my first attempt and I still want to remove some of that background static and improve other small details. And if 'mosh' were a tube sock I'd put him on and have a wank. Of course I've researched the whole rotoscoping and Scanner Darkly concepts. But I didn't want to waste all that time making a 10 second clip by sitting in front of my computer for hours and hours. So then came the idea for this.

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    What you have looks good, absolutely no where near as good and not even a comparison to what you have related it to, and what MOSH refers to.

    To get it to look as good as that I'm afraid you would have to waist your precious tube sock wanking time.



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    Interesting enough A Scanner Darkly was shot with a prosumer DV cam and what they used was called interpolated rotoscoping and they have there own software to do it that is not availible to the general public (yet)

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Well i'll take it as a compliment that you'll be thinking of me when pleasuring yourself, even if it is a rather disturbing thought.

    Yes, 'Rotoshop' must be quite an awesome program for it to be kept out of the publics eye. I'd like to see it in action one day.

    Check out 'Waking life' (Yes that's without an 'N' Wallagher) if you haven't already (another of Richard Linklater's films) as it shows a larger selection of rotoscope styles and what you can do with the technique.

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    "tube sock wanking" You hear the funniest things on .Let me guess....infant size 1?

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Interpolated rotoscoping is really just key framing shapes and lines.

    Take After Effects, make a solid layer above a video layer and make it invisible. On the invisible solid trace a mask round an object on the video layer (the solid should have been made the same colour as this object) and set a "mask shape" keyframe. Move forward a number of frames adjust the masks shape and set a new keyframe and continue like this.

    That's the interpolated rotoshape.

    Make another solid layer, make it invisible and draw a path tracing an edge on the object and do the same for this. Do more paths for more of the shapes edges then apply the stroke filter and set it to apply to all strokes and paint on transparent background.

    Do this for the full scene, turn on the invisble layers and you have an interpolated rotoscoped piece of video. I like to apply some filters to the original video move it to sit above the solids, lower it's transparency and change its blending mode, different combinations of transparencies, amounts of duplicates of the layer and variations of blending mode orders can give some very interesting looks.

    I to would love to take a look at the rotoshop software, I'd love to see just what it can do and how much quicker a job specific piece of software like it can be worked.


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