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    now that im going for a mini dv camcorder to take on holiday the only problem is transfering it to my laptop when im abroad which on most you have to play the whole movie to transfer it but someone has told me that there may be a camcorder or program that can transfer it on to the pc quicker (i.e. transfer speed x3 etc) so it would take half the time or less to transfer has anyone heard of this or know what is needed for it?

    also does anyone use a laptop to edit and play their films on if so please give spec and laptop size (i.e. 13.3 inch screen)


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    As far as I know, transfer is still done in realtime, in other words, 30 minutes of video will take 30 minutes to transfer. If such a system exists to transfer it faster I'd really like to hear about it.

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    if i find anything ill post it

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