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Thread: YouTube alternative?

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    Default YouTube alternative?

    I looked around the forum and couldnt find the correct place to post this so if this is the wrong section, please feel free to move it.

    I tried to post my film last night on to YouTube, its 64Meg and 12mins long, now I know YouTube has a 100Meg limit but I didnt realise they had a duration limit as well! Trying to loose 2 mins of video is going to be a nightmare so I wondered if anyone knows a YouTube alternative?
    Just now I have it hosted on my own website but I would prefer to let people watch it via another site, just to save my bandwidth because I would like to post it on this forum to get your feedback but don't expect everyone to download a 12minutes 64meg video...


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    don't know of a alternative myself but couldn't you split the vid in two and upload two 6min vids ie pt1 and pt2.

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    I never thought about that lol.

    Will do that tonight



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    Not sure, but maybe allows longer films.

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    Perfect Thanks Snaak.....I have now got my video online without having to cut it in to two.


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    Google video has no limits whats so ever, Its great for hi def video but it takes a few days to become availible because every video is screened.

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    I'm not sure about this, but I believe there is a "Director" membership on youtube that allows videos over 10 minutes: I mean, I'm sure that I've seen videos over 10 minutes on youtube, and they always seem to have the "director" icon below their names. Might be worth looking into!

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    pinnacle offers a free site for sharing vids
    i couldnt find any details on the site whether they have a size or time limit.

    otherwise as chapman says above, google video should be fine.
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    Ive got a directors account and still limited me to 10mins :( Have put the file on Putfile for just now.
    Ive posted the link in users videos if anyone would like to give me feedback


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    Just found this on YouTube :

    Can I upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes?

    You can no longer upload videos longer than ten minutes regardless of what type of account you have. Users who had previously been allowed to upload longer content still retain this ability, so you may occasionally see videos that are longer than ten minutes. You can, however, easily change your account type to Director, Comedian, Musician or Guru, which offer a variety of other features like the ability to add a custom logo, tour date information and links to other websites.



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