I just bought a Winfast PVR2000 tv capture card. I replaced the card I had with this one. Now when it's on, I have no sound. When I play back what I record the sound works so I know it's recording sound but I can't get any sound when I watch it as a tv on my pc. It did come with a small wire that connects the tv capture card to either the sound card or the motherboard. My other capture card didn't use one so I didn't put this one on. It may be my problem... I'm not sure. My problem with the wire is I don't know how to put it on... I don't want to put it on backwards and burn something up or blow up my machine! It plugs in either way you turn it. Is there a specific end that the red wire should be on or the white one? (black one is center) If so... does someone have a pic they can share with me so that I will know? Boy I hope I'm making sense here. I can share a pic with someone if that will help explain what I'm talking about... HELP! PLEASE!?