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Thread: please need help in creating dvd menu and pages

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    Default please need help in creating dvd menu and pages

    Hi this is my first post and am trying to work out how to do i guess what is seen as a simple thing using Vegas and architect.
    I want to create a menu and a couple of still pages with a few lines of text. I am creating 4 DVDs covering a 7 1/2 hour seminar. I want to be able to give the viewer the choice of playing the whole DVD through or selecting the talk titles (about 2 talks per DVD).Before the talk i also want to put a simple page with text giving the title of the talk before it begins. In Vegas i have worked on the sound and edited coughs etc and have included cues every 5 minutes (including making sure 2 of the cues are at the beginning of the talks)
    Is it now best to render to architect and add menu and pages?
    and also please if possible give me a simple instruction how to do this. I have tried using the templates and have got completely confused! Have also tried understanding the manual but am getting nowhere.If anyone could advise i would really appreciate it thank you Paul ps i am using Vegas platinum 6.0b and architect studio 3

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    Add the title pages in Vegas and place marker points where you want the different scenes to begin. When you bring it into Architect the markers will be intact.

    Select File-New-Menu Based. Drag the media to the preview window, or double click it in the Explorer window, now right click and select "Insert Scene Selection" from the drop down. You now have two buttons, the first will play all the media, if you double click the second you will then be taken to a sub menu where your different scenes can be selected.

    I am releasing a DVD Architect Training DVD next week covering Menus.

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    just make sure when you render in vegas that the "add markers to file" is selected.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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