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Thread: DELL E521 or iMAC Please help: Newbie needs advice

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    Post DELL E521 or iMAC Please help: Newbie needs advice

    Hello All

    I am a newbie to film editing and cannot make up my mind about the right software. I will be running Avid Xpress Pro HD. I currently have a DELL system but am thinking of getting the new iMAC. Please help me or give some hints/tips as to which system might be better. Here is how they stand:

    My Dell E521
    AMD Athlon 2 Core X2 4600+
    2 GB RAM - PC4200 (this worries me)
    256 MB ATI Radeon 1950 XT card
    1 MB L2 Cache (this worries me)
    250 GB HD (irrelevant as I have an external one too)
    19inch LCD monitor
    650 Watt power
    2 DVD burners
    3 Firewire ports

    The iMAC
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz Extreme
    2 GB RAM (DDR2 @ 667 - will this make a difference?)
    ATI HD 2600 Pro w/ 256 MB (is my Dell card better?)
    4 MB L2 Cache (vs 1 mb on my Dell)
    24 inch LCD
    DVD burner combo drive
    500 GB HD

    Which one is good enough? better? I was burning some DVDs (making video) on Nero on my Dell and noticed that there was an offshoot between sound and picture. Is it because my Dell is too slow? Does cache and bus speed matter that much? Please help. I will greatly appreciate ALL and ANY comments/suggestions.



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    Your dell looks fine for just about any NLE out there,

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Performance wise the 2 machines you cite are about the same, both more than adequate as CP says.

    Swapping machines and os is bound to be a pain, I really wouldnt worry, unless you really really want to join the tribe.

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