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Thread: Help needed with video capture

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    Default Help needed with video capture

    Am very new to hd camcorder and have recently bought through e bay from USA a jvc everio gz-mg155u hd camcorder but am not able to capture clips from camera to software.The software that comes is very basic. I am getting messages which seem to say that I need an IEE1394 card. The camera does not seem to have a firewire connection and connects to lap top with usb cable.What can I do ,is there any software that captures thro usb, has anyone out there got this camera and what did you do?

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    Ken - i have just doen a quick search for your camera., The "blurb" does say it has dv out on your docking station. is in effect another name for IEE1394. So as long as you have the lead and a IEE1394 card on your pc you should have no problem

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    Does the docking station come with the camcorder or do you have to purchase it separately? I'm just asking as I have to show some staff in a training centre how to use their JVC Everio shortly, so it would be great to know if the docking station is included or will they have to spend more money to avail of Firewire.

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