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Thread: Unwanted Lens flare when filming at night

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    Default Unwanted Lens flare when filming at night

    Hello everyone, my first post on here. Need some help on my night time video footage, please. I film Stock Car & Banger racing events, and many of these are night time events under flood lights. The problem I have is getting lots of unwanted glare and lense flare from the lights. I am using a Sony PDX10. Would adding a Natural Density filter onto the camera cure the problem? I will up loaded 2 test clips to show the problem, but they are being processed by google at the moment.

    Any help on the matter would be great.

    Links to my two test clips (although the lens flare looks much worse on a tv screen in full quality)

    Test Clip from Coventry 1

    Test Clip from Coventry 2
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