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    Hello, folks - been reading this forum for months, but haven't posted because of my lack of experience. I enjoy all the useful stuff you people talk about. Done a few shorts, and I intend to enter the Trailer comp. I'm about to indulge in a Matrox RTX 100 and build a PC exclusively for editing. But some of the mobos tested by Matrox aren't easily available. I notice Millsy got his Intel M-board that utilises the 875P chipset. Could I ask how it performs? (These Intel boards don't have SATA do they?) The best so far looks like Marc's Asus P4C800E, and I know that Asus users usually love them. Are there any other well known boards, I want to avoid any incompatibilities - I've heard the RTX 100 can be a swine to configure if it doesn't like your system. Thanks in advance. (By the way. those trailer entries are brilliant. Amateurs can often upstage the professionals.)

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    Blimey! My names up in lights at last! Well, in a post title anyway which is as close as I'll ever get - lol - I must have 'made it'!

    As for my system. There are those who will flame me on this forum for this but I am not the slightest bit interested in building a PC system for editing and hence going to the Nth degree of performance tuning to get it 'just right' so I went to a vendor who specialise is video editing rigs and got it all configured with the RT.X100 already installed and configured nicely for me.

    Basically, I did this more because I too have been reading all the horror stories about getting the RT.X100 working in with the wrong components.

    It's a gem!

    I went to these guys in the UK. I'm happy to recommend them.

    Mty best advice onthe RT.X cards though is def go for the 100 and not the 10. The realtime export is worth the difference in price easily.

    My comp entry. I exported about 5 copies of that concurrently in close to realtime so I could judge which settings produced the optimum in file size and quality.

    The debate is now on as to whether people like the new RT.X drivers with Premiere PRo 1.5.

    So, in summary and to answer your question, I copped out and got someone else to do the coinfig - and i do NOT regret it. I accept that if you want supreme performance then build your own but it's just not my bag, man!

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    One thing I forgot to say.

    My new rig does have a SATA drive on it.

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    Ta much for your considered response. That website is seriously useful, so ta again. The nice people at Matrox told me that the new RTX 100s come with the Premiere Pro 1.5 upgrade in the box - but if you buy an older retail package, you're entitled to the upgrade anyway - which is nice of them. Bearing this in mind, I'm buying now to stick in my existing setup - if it behaves itself, no need to build a new'un.

    And oh yeah, your name's up there, all right. Also, that entry from Purejammy was simplicity itself - but so effective. I often forget that some of the most capable film-making relies on simple inspiration. Stay at it. When is the judging - or did I miss it in the text?


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    judging starts this week...
    follow us on
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    This week? Oh s**t I'm too late then. This is what happens when you work hard for a living -- as I'm sure you all know. Well, never mind, there will be other chances to submit efforts for the benefit of the common good (yes?).

    Good luck to all contenders -- may the best person(s) win -- a weekend in wherever it is -- whoever it's with -- and whatever the circumstances -- I'm echoing another contributor here -- you guys have taught me a hell-of-a-lot with your forum banter over the last few months, so carry on -- but don't just carry on.

    It's Friday night, had a few jars, hope it makes sense. (I prefer wmv files to apple's movs -- they view better.)


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