I've just started using Fianal Cut Express ( current version) and have decided I could use a good tutorial. If anyone has a favorite I'd appreciate the tip. In the mean time , one thing has been driving me crazy. When I'm viewing a clip, in either the viewer or the canvas, and want to apply a filter, FCE doesn't seem to allow one to view the filter adjustment in real time. At least not all filter adjustments. Brightness/ Contrast and Gamma are two examples. When I select ethier of these from the Video Effects pull down menu, they are simply added to the filter tab of the viewer. To make an adjustment, I select the filter TAB, which closes the viewer, and I can then make adjustments. Unfortunately, I can't see the effect until I select the video TAB. Since every adjustment effects every othere adjustment, I want to see the change on the video as I adjust, without the need to TAB back and forth between Filters and Video. Please tell me I'm doing something wrong and that there is a simple solution. I want to keep both TABs open at the same time. Regards Herb