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    Exclamation DVD Ripper!

    I'm trying to rip (copy) a DVD to my computer but it's not working out right, I tried different programs but it's either taking too long or not ripping. I just need some help, either the best program for this or some whole can do this.
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    1. if you just want to rip the vob files to your harddrive, use dvd shrink. Link
    2. If you need to convert it to regular video format, it will sure take long time for the dvd ripper to encode it. Take the dvd ripper I'm using for example, it costs 10 minutes to rip the dvd to vob format while 60 minutes to encode it as avi format.
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    I do want to encode it in a video format because ripping the vob files to my hard drive is not enough cause i also want to edit it.

    As much help you can give me I will really appreciate it.
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    You CANNOT edit the dvd directly because DVD-rom are not writable. And it only takes about 700MB hard drive spaces to save it as avi format.

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    A full dvd is only 700mb as an avi? 1 hour of video in avi format is about 13GB.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    i have using aimersoft DVD Ripper, it does good job, indeed easy to use, you can free download it here;
    Aimersoft DVD Ripper - DVD Ripping software, Rip a DVD to AVI/MP4/WMV, transfer DVD to iPod

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