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    Default JVC GR-D31EK

    My PC won't recognise the vid camera ? I recently installed a firewire card. I've checked in device manager and all looks okay. I've tried using Pinnacle studio 9 and windows movie maker, but none recognise the vid camera ?? Arrrggg !

    Ive tried looking for an instructions manual at JVC to no avail. Ive tried all 3 firewire slot in the card.

    Is there any particular sequence I have to do things ?

    Please help. Any other things I can check for ???


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    What OS are you using? If you're using win 9x plugin in the cam and switch it to play before booting.

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    Thanks for replying. Im on XP

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    If things go to plan, you should here a friendly XP ping of recognition from XP when the cam is connected, followed by a dialogue box. Providing you have the card installed properly and the camera is on and in the play/vcr mode, it should be recognised.

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    hummmm... i don't get a friendly ping. thats the trouble - im not sure if its the firewire card or the vid camera. the firewire card is listed on device manager, with no erros, so i assume its not that. Can I assume the vid-camera is digital because it has the right firewire connection ? Can I get another lead and connect it to a USB ?

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    I'd strongly advise using firewire for the best quality. Try it on a mate's machine. If it doesn't work, time for a repair/replacement from the vendor/manufacturer.

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    k - thanks for the advice.....

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    Default this is the online manual fo these models ....

    GR-D20, GR-D30, GR-D40, GR-D50 I am not sure how different the D31 will be.

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    scottishcamman > wanna post that link in the DV camera manual section?

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