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    Hi, so I made a movie, wich I recorded with my digicam, and converted with Dv to pinnacle studio, I don't want to write it to dvd yet, but want to make some sort of preview in Xvid, but there are only Divx and other codes I can compress my movie in. before I did a format I could also choose Xvid. can anybody help me with this prob?

    and also does somebody knows a good configuration for good qualitie and minimum space(megabytes)

    sorry that I cant express myself well, but my english is not that good I think

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    I tried to compress with Divx, but he skips some frames, and I dont find the quality <> size optimal.

    but with what can I setup an 2 pass ? I checked in my divx configurations, but only find diffrent sorts of 1 pass 1pass-..

    nobody that compress with Xvid ? ?

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    Okay, now I downloaded the trail abobe premiere, I sort of figured out how to make the movie, but if I wanne compress movie, it shows the same compress names, No Xvid! :/

    is there an other good compression that is in abobe premiere? or where can I download more compressing sorts?
    help me please

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    Try saving your file as a DV AVI, then using an external encoder such as VirtualDub to encode this to Xvid or DivX.
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    tnx for the answer, but in virtualdub, I also doesnt have the Xvid encoder :( Bad luck is on my side again :/

    btw, my sound runs in slowmotion in premiere pro when I exported the movie, what about that?

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