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Thread: help me make a video!

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    Default help me make a video!

    im a doing a favour for a family member.She wants me to edit her daughters wedding dvd,nothing fantastic just a few photos and waterfalls,fireworks ,title clips then burn,but i having problems with camtasia and i need a converter any suggestions or tips would be appreicated!

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    When I hear of someone looking to edit a wedding DVD, I think oh dear oh dear, I've never used Camtasia so I can't comment on its usage. But trying to get to those .vob or whatever format they are in video files, they might have been shot on a JVC with an even more obscure file format is going to be difficult. Do a search for STOIK Video Convertor 2 in Google or Yahoo and see if you can download it. It may or may not allow you to convert whatever format the video files are on the DVD to let's say .avi which is a more user friendly video format. Was the DVD finalised before you got it?

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    thanks for replying,

    i have the video vob files on my computer,they are split into 3 parts.
    They are all large screen which is normal screen(if u get what i mean).
    i now need to convert them to to .avi (i think) to play them in camstia which i have done.BUT they come back in a smaller screen which has a black box around it(reducing the video) which wouldnt look right when i go to burn it.

    Is there a way to convert it to .avi or any other file (mpeg) and i wouldnt lose the oringal picture (screen size).

    This is really what im struggling with.
    Thanks again for replying helping me out here..

    p.s i am downloading the stoikvideo converter as im writing this and hopfully that will work.

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    I never used the camstia before, so I assume the information below would help.
    They are all large screen which is normal screen.
    Did you mean it is full screen(screen without black edges.)?
    You can use the dvd ripper I'm using, it can convert DVD to any video format. Link

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