I have just upgraded my pc to the following specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4Ghz
RAM: DDR2 6Gb (2x 2Gb sticks + 2x 1Gb sticks)
GPU: GeForce 8800
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit

Prior to my upgrade i used to capture DTV from my digital card and encode using VitualDubMPEG2. After the upgrade i find using the same process is not too much faster due to the fact that i cannot get a 64bit version of VirtualDubMPEG2.

I am currently at a loss as to which program/s and process to use for editting my MPEG2 captures and encoding to divX/Xvid format in a 64bit environment in order to take advantage of all my available ram and processor power. The hardest thing has been finding a native 64bit editing/encoding program.

I am a big fan of VirtualDub and am more than happy to use the native 64bit version but i am lost as how to use it as my captured files are in MPEG2 format.

Has anyone got any ideas on where i can go/what i can do from here? I am currently very frustrated as i have upgraded to improve performance of my capturing and encoding yet i have actually gone a step backwards due to the 64bit environment.

I am sure i am not the only one out there with these problems. Any help and advice is GREATLY appreciated!