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    I have a unique problem and am looking for some advice.
    I make videos of aerobatics flights for the passengers and would like to be able to give the passengers the product as soon as they get out of the aircraft. The only fast way I can see to do this is to record on a DVD camcorder.

    Is there any way on pre recording the company intro on the camcorders dvd before shooting the video so I can finalize the disk when the plane lands and give it straight to the client with my intro already at the start of the disk?

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    You are talking about adding a title or logo, either static or animated over the start of the footage? That can only be done in post production (after the video is recorded). And the way DVD camcorders work is they record each piece of video as a separate file. Every video you record has it's own thumbnail so you can see instantly what the clips are when you either watch it back on the camcorder or a home DVD player. Unless the camcorder itself has some titling facility beyond showing the date and time, it looks like a post production job.

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