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    Hey there,
    I am taking part in filming some scenes for a local story, and something we have to do is quite challenging. We are joining a bunch of little clips together, to make one smooth long clip. Thing is we need to have the actor start and end in the exact same position with the camera for each divided clip.
    Best thig I have come up with so far is using reference points, and a LCD monitor playing back to the actor so they can position them selves. We used a clear sheet over the screen to mark points on with pen, so they know where to start and end. It would be really nice if there was a way to do this more effeciently, like almost a faint mask (a still of the start and end position) over the lcd viewer so its easier to line up.
    I don't have much experience in this but if anyone could shed some light that would be great. Thanks

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    That would be difficult to make it exact, Are you using diffrent camara angles or is it locked off. If its locked off try placing an X on the ground where the talent will stand lock off the camara and do many, many takes untill you get it right, There won't be an "easy" way to do it. good luck

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    Yup, I agree. This will be tricky (but that's what makes it worthwhile if you pull it off). Definitely follow the advice about locking off if that's a possibility. The other thing is perhaps you could orchestrate getting the majority of the action in the center of the frame. Then if you are out a bit in your positioning your editor's stabilising functionality may allow you to do some correction - just a thought. Other than that your approach seems as good as one as any.

    Good luck

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    If I understand you correctly you want a continuous and seamless flow of the actor but the background/setting to change at certain times. Is that right?

    If so then the best way to achieve this is the film your actor playing the entire scene on a green or blue screen and then just key them onto the series of background plates.

    The way you're attacking the problem I do not beleive you'll getit 100% seamless. Lining the actor up will be the hardest task. Next will come matching the lighting conditions and colour grading of each clip exactly - not an easy task at all. Aftre that though, it's all easy


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