Hi, I was wanting a bit of help if poss, I have a sony camcorder model number TR 8000E and I have a laptop and PC with no firewire connection dissapointingly, I have bought a firewire IEEE 1394 cable as my camcorder has a i Link connection on it, I am very new to all this and really need some help, I have lots of film of my childrens early years and my mother in law who sadly passed away last year, so you can prob understand that this film is priceless, unfortunatley my camcorder is starting to not work all the time so I decided to put it onto disk, I have bought the cable and now think I have got to buy a firewire card, can you tell me is this correct, I have windows vista installed on my laptop and cant find anywhere that tells me if this is compatible?
I really could do with some honest advice on this as I'm really stuck and would very much appreciate someones time to help?