Using my new 9800 All-in-Wonder I recorded some video from CNN in MPEG2 format. Double clicked the resulting file and it played fine. Then I launched Pinnacle and imported the video for editing. Wanted to test removing a scene or two and re-encoding(saving) MPEG2. The resulting file there are some video speed issues. The file is a 15 minute long clip. The first 10 minutes have the video speeding up and slowing down throughout the clip. The audio sounds fine. I wouldn't have noticed the issue except for the latest news "crawl" at the bottom of the screen. In the orginal the clip is smooth and fluid. Edit in Pinnacle and save (to mpg, wmv, avi, etc...) then the first ten minutes of the clip have this issue. Sounds to me like the video is getting messed up in the import not the encoding? Thoughts? Thing I can do to try to fix?

Also, does anyone know should ATI and Pinnacle both be saving MPEG using the Ligos Indeo Codec?

My MAchine:
1 GB Ram
3.2 P4 (w/ MultiThreading)
ATI All-in-Wonder 9800

Thanks for your help or guidance,
Kelly (digital video newbie)