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    Default film projector starting up

    I'm looking around for some footage of a film projector starting up, or slowing down. Just a short bit of video showing the film moving slow enough to see the frames getting up to speed or slowing down from speed. It's just for reference for a graphic I'm making.

    If anyone knows where I can find such reference material it would be appreciated to know.

    On my search I found something a bit mad but interesting, have a look:

    YouTube - How to make a Projector


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    have you tried the prelinger archive?

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    It's somewhere I hear about now and again and try to remind myself of its existence. I totally forgot about it once again when it would be useful.

    I gave in to searching earlier and worked completely from imagination. I finished that bit earlier on and I'm very happy with it. I need a good amount of reference material to animations done by scratching film for the next bit so I'll look there for that, that's tomorrows job though.



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