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Thread: Concert Recording (Camera's I have been using, should I upgrade)

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    Hey everyone. I've read a few posts relating to my topic, and although the jist of my question is the same, I have a few specific things I'd like to point out first, if you'd be so kind as to take the time to read this and give me some advice, I'd be very grateful.

    Firstly, so you have an idea of what I've been filming you can go to my website at and check out the spotlight preview on the main page. That's not necessary, but it'll give you an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.

    I've been shooting with two XL-1's, both of which I've been borrowing from close friends each gig. I have my own Panasonic GS-400 that I also use. Making every show a three camera shoot.

    One of the XL's is actually an XL-S, and as of yesterday my friend wants to get rid of it, as he only uses it to film his son's birthdays and christmas...he's asked me if I want to buy it from him or if he should look elsewhere. It'd come with the case, 3 batteries, and all the originally included items.

    I can't decide if I should purchase this used XL-S from him, or if I should look at purchasing a newer modeled camera on my own to use instead of borrowing his (since I will no longer be able to, as he will sell it to someone else).

    I have the budget to upgrade to a higher level camera...ideally I think I'd buy two mid-range ones and use the GS400 as a backstage camera...possibly.

    A change must happen. I'd appreciate any and all input...should I make that daring leap to HD? Or is the time still not right? If I were to purchase the XL1-s what would be a decent offering price, in your opinion? Also...what are some cameras that have high low light capabilities that are in the prosumer area (the XL-1's of today, if you will).

    Thanks for your time!
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