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Thread: What's your input on the market.

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    Default What's your input on the market.

    I see that this topic has been touched on... but I am looking to upgrade... DON'T LAUGH... but I shoot on an old sony handy cam with a wide angle lens... LOL... but I do pull off some good stuff with it. I say it's not what you got but what you do with it.

    However with that being said I am ready to join the big boys. I have looked a few cameras online... I have read a gang of reviews but I figure who better to hear the good - the bad and the ugly from than you guys...

    The one that really catches my eye is the: JVC GY HD110U

    But I am wondering if I should drop that kind of money when you can purchase the: Canon XL-2 or the Panasonic AG HVX200

    take it easy on me - I am new to this world... I have been in the audio world for a long time but I have found a new passion in video and editing.

    So what I am looking for in a nut shell is control, quality, etc.... maybe hd 1080i

    Just gimme some of your input - tell me what you are using and what you would wanna use... thanks in advance!


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    I would say the dvx100b mainly for the 24fps, They actualy shot a lot of docs with it and a few shorts. Plus duel XLR's. Its a nice cam!!

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Default The XL-2

    Good morning Low,
    I'm pretty much brand new to this filming game too. Myself and a couple of colleagues are writers and decided to take the initiative to promote our work.

    We bought an XL-2 from a very nice company in Englandshire. The best bit? Saving from 1000 to 2000 on RRP depending where you look.

    The list of features is mind boggling and it would be fair enough to say we are only scratching the surface. What I can praise off the bat is its pretty user friendly to get you up and running and the optics are clear and bright.



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    Well with that Panasonic AG-DVX100B is standard def. and doesn't appear to shoot 16:9 - although I am sure it is a great camera - I need to step it up... I wouldn't want to buy something and then regret not get hd / 16:9 - I have actually shot a lil bit on that camera and I agree it is good but I figure if I am dropping a good bit of money then I would need to go in a different direction.

    The XL-2 is a safe option.... which is why I am looking at other options. I like the fact that you can change the lens... plus I have only heard major pros to the camera and no cons lol....

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