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Thread: Rendering problems

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    Default Rendering problems

    Hi guys!

    Im working with a ppro 2 project and when i click enter to render the project an error message appears on screen: ERROR COMPILING MOVIE... I/O ERROR.

    It says also: Disk Write Error. Verify drive connections, available disk space and disk access privileges.

    I have 350 Gb free and total disk access privilege...

    Anyone knows what the problem is?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Anyone?? Please..

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    Has your disk drive given any problems in the past? Have you or someone else added or removed something from inside the computer and maybe left a lead or connector loose? How many disk drives do you have connected to the computer?

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    Also, do y9ou have any other drives that are nearly full? If so then check your Premiere settigns and make sure those fuylldrives are not specified as scratch drives.

    Also, how is the disk formatted? Is it NTFS or FAT32? IS it an internal drive or an external drive?

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    Ok, i hope my english is good enough to reply to you guys.

    I have only one disk (internal) in my computer that has a partition. It is formated in NTFS. The C disk has 100Gb and 80gb is free. The D disk has 370Gb and 340gb free. As far as i know, they didn't had any problem.

    I can export my movie but i cannot render it in the tineline...

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    Like said above, make sure that your settings are using the disk with plenty of available space... I can't think of anything else, either.

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    I'm not too sure but, as per, check the different project settings. For the I/O error, are the display settings set to display on monitor only or monitor and source? Make sure it's set to Monitor only as it may be because it's not picking up a source (camera, capture deck, etc).
    As for the Disk Error i'm at a loss, I'm afraid. Sounds more like a hardware/OS settings problem than something you'd find in Premiere... Have you tried moving files from one drive to another in Windows to see if the problem is in the system with drive connections?

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