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    Default Wedding Showreel

    Moved from another thread, sorry!

    Hope i can enter it here as a short wedding Showreel.

    Lisa & Jakes Wedding...La Dolce Vita.

    Thank You

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    That was very well put together I thought, and really not the usual sort of wedding edit.

    Imho 2 mins is just the right length for a wedding vid too !!!

    As good as this is I would add that when judging the panel are likely to look more favourably on stuff made specifically for the competition.

    Never the less, five stars from me cos I was groaning when I started and laughing when it finished.

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    Thank you for your comments. Its always nice to have positive feedback! I started it dull on purpose so that people would frown, so i guess it worked

    I do not expect to win any prizes, but thought i would enter anyway.

    I am sure there would be other entries more apt for the title.

    Thank you again.


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    what software you used..? it was really nice...

    thanks you

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    Hi com2bhai,

    If you mean the actual editing software then it was just Adobe Premiere Pro.

    I used a few plug-ins by sapphire for effects if this is what you mean.


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    thank you GDR for your reply.

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