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    Hi there, this vid i made is a bit of a joke, i hope it makes you laugh :P

    Most of the FX where done using still pics with photoshop filters on them and then animated in adobe premiere. I used some fx from the 'Action Movie Essentials' package and the rest i made with particle FX. The sound waves were from a gfx package called 'white cap' and i made the music with sony acid 5.

    Im working on the final edit at the moment.

    Its poking fun at an old drugs testing film

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    Its creative, the audio's a bit poor though and its a bit busy.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Default Thanks for the input

    I think the audio was low on that vid because i did some the narration myself and i havent got used to hearing the sound of my own voice yet. lol . Ive turned it up a bit more now

    Ive made the screen a little bit less noisy in places but added a few more FX as well.

    I managed to squeeze a bit more film in of the marines dancing about to :P

    Its kind of hard editing this sort of video with adobe as the preview isn't always the same as the final output when you start to stack a few sequences together.

    Ive found another bit of drugs testing film from the 60's this time with American soldiers, so im going to do the same type of vid again but this time using British Soldiers.

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    That was funny and cool. I liked it.

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