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    Hey everyone, im new here.
    I saw this forum, and thought i would contribute.

    My names Sion, 15 years old. Living in Swansea In Wales.
    I love making films with my friends, and luckely they like starring in them, so it all works out.

    A while back now, when i was 14, i made a film called Hostage. I later on then did a second part to it, called Hostage : Part two, i know a lot of imagination isn't it. Anyway, yeah i made this a year ago and thought i should post it, for now im only going to post the trailer for the second film.
    Hope you will like it.

    It would be much appreaciated for some comments and feedback.

    Well, heres the link :-

    If you click on it, or copy and paste it in to your web browser, it will open up in Windows Media player, i think you might need the Latests windows media player, but im sure you all have it.

    Will post more videos here soon.

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    not bad. i mean, i have no clue what the plot is. in a trailer you are supposed to be able to understand the plot a little bit. try giving it a voiceover. where'd you get your music? and how'd you do the rapid black flashes (not the fade ins/outs)?

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