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    Default FX, Plugins, Transitions, Etc.

    So I was editing some video last nite and it had music in the background... this was hip hop music. So I started to play heavy with some transitions and what not...

    I have to say there are some crazy cool ways to play with the dissolves... first I would splice then I would pull the fader back... then I would push it over the previous portion of footage.... this actually cause a really cool effect. It gave the tansition like a time laspe as it's going negative... I might not be making any sense but it's dope... I can't post the video cause it's too adult LOL...

    The 1st dissolve is super cool because its intensifies light... so if there are lights behind you with just a simple split second of the transition the lights shot across the shoot...

    anyways... I was have to do some thing manually and I was wondering in someone made this transition or plugin.

    I had a full screen shot.... then I made it break down to tiles... 4 tiles from left to right across the screen. they were synced with the music... so left boom - second boom - third boom - then fourth... then the flash off the screen and while the second they flash off I use the zoom transition to bring the original back in... pretty dope....

    But what I am wondering is... well is there a plugin that can do that for ya LOL... I am not lazy but I am curious...

    So, please - feel free to share any plugins you know of... Any recent tricks you have discovered... Transitions... everything....

    I have to tell ya... I own a recording studio... I have been on the audio side for a long time... and I love playing with video now just as much.... never schooled just dedicated...

    here is my first go at video...

    that's actually me... I produced it... recorded it... filmed it... and there it is... lol... so keep that in mind while you talk trash about me... LOL...

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    Excellent! Loved every moment.

    If you ARE using V full you know you can ALSO insert a transition velocity envelope WITHIN the transition? Try THAT one and it will truly freak you out. Sustained transitions - speeded-up transitions AND EVEN . . .transitions that go BACK in time on THEMSELVES!!!


    You'd dah boss!!

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    Thanks Grazie!!!! I do appreciate you taking the time to check it out. I figured screw paying somebody to do it for me... i'd just do it myself... I made that with Movie Studio Platinum.... I thought I was getting vegas but ummmmm if somebody would want to shoot me a copy I'll take it LMAO....

    But I have been putting some video together since then I am learning all kinds of cool tricks... the key is sequence of course but then once you have that... make it move! lol...

    thanks again boss...

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    That was very good, I can't wait to see what you do next!!

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Thanks C.P. - I intend to get more involved with this. I downloaded Adobe After Effects to see what it can do. Play Play Play... oh wait... is this work... only when you have gone over board and work on a clip for hours lol!

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    I did some editing to it... added some transitions and effects... I feel it flows alot better than the original....

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    Liked some of the transitions - definite improvement. Fancy stuff used suitably sparingly, the subtler stuff (fade through black rather than cuts) was used more often but as you said yourself it makes it flow better. The only "down" as far as I was concerned was the annoying flash (whiteout). Effective yes, but used too frequently.

    Just an opinion (and to be honest, this sort of music - and hence video - is not really my scene so my opinions are pretty worthless)

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    well thanks for your honesty... I can see where the whiteout could be a lil more stretched out... but you see I figure in todays world everyone is A.D.D. so this helps to keep them watching in my eyes... movement - action... that kind of thing. But hey I enjoyed reading what you thought.

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    the video was funny, it's a joke, right?

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